Snake River Farms Brisket

So for the fourth of July Costco brought in some briskets from Snake River Farms. This I found out about by reading SRF sells American Wagyu beef. This is rated higher than USDA Prime. Now the best part. If you go to SRFs website to purchase the brisket that I got you would have paid $209 plus shipping. I got it from Costco for $100.60. Sweet deal. Now just to hope I don’t ruin this fine piece of beef.


Since this is my first 20 lb brisket I needed to pull out my Big Poppa Smoker UDS. I set it up to smoke this brisket at 300 with some pecan wood. While the smoker was coming up to temperature I trimmed the brisket and put my rub of Salt, Pepper, Granulated Garlic, and Granulated Onion. I put the brisket on fat cap down for the first 4 hours until I liked the color then wrapped in butcher paper until finished about 2.5 hours later. Then a long three hour rest in the cooler. This turned out to be the best brisket I have ever cooked. Now I have only done a few. I am so glad I did not ruin this beef.


Below are the photos. I start with photos still in the package and then my trimming and rub. Then you will see the brisket every hour watching for color. Next is the look after the three hour rest and the slicing. It was soooo good.


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    Chris Sullivan July 10, 2018


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