Another Try at Brisket

When I was in Florida my good friend Chris did up a brisket. It was so good I had to try his method. Here goes.

I picked up a Prime brisket from Costco. 11.46 lbs @ $2.99 per.  $34.27. Not bad size and good floppiness. I trimmed it nicely then injected it with a product I have not heard of before.  ButcherBBQ Prime Injection.  After I rubbed it with my standard SPOG. Then I tossed on some Montreal Steak Seasoning. I let it rest about an hour before tossing it on the weber.

This is the first time I smoked a brisket on my weber. I set it up for indirect and I even put water in the pan under the brisket. As always I started the kettle with a mostly full mini chimney of coals. The inlet I set to just under 50% open. She settled in at 400 degrees in the dome. Which is about 350 at the grate.

I put the brisket on at 11:45am. Wrapped it at 2:20pm in foil. Pulled to rest at 5:06pm. Ate at 5:35pm just could not wait any longer.

It was very moist. Great bark. Only the first two slices of the flat would be considered dry. I chop that up and add some drippings and it will be good eats tomorrow. Now I would say my last few briskets were undercooked. This one probed unlike any of the others.


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