Mother’s Day Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

So lately the radio has been running commercials about how you can get 25 ribeye steaks for $20.00. They are setup in a mall parking lot. Yes one of those. Well I would not feed that to my dog.  This is more to my liking. 1 Tomahawk Ribeye Steak for $25.00. Went to Costco got me a Beef Ribeye Steak Bone-In USDA-Prime $13.99 / lb @ 1.76 lbs 2 inches thick. Comes to just under $25.00.

I pulled the steak out of the fridge and put on some salt, pepper, and a touch of granulated garlic. Let it rest while the Weber came up to temp.  I setup my Weber kettle for indirect. It only took 3/4ths of a mini chimney of KBB to have it settle in at 250. Tossed on a chunk of hickory for some smoke flavor.

When she hit 110 internal I pulled the steak and brushed with melted butter. Added a bit more salt and pepper. Before I put it back on the Weber on the hot side I added another 3/4th of a chimney of hot KBB. I seared it on both sides for about 5 minutes total then seared the edges.

The hardest part was the rest. Oh my god it was painful. It was the most flavorful steak I have had. On to the pictures.

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