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Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sausage

I tried another recipe from How to BBQ Right.  I already had some Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage and Polska Kielbasa. So I only needed some bacon.

I cut each sausage in half and wrapped them in two slices of bacon. Once the four sausages are wrapped I dusted both sides with some Blues Hog Rub.  I setup my Weber Kettle for indirect and put in a full mini chimney of charcoal. This puts my weber at 300 to 325 in the dome with the bottom vent open 25% and the top vent wide open.

I could not just eat sausage so I took a 55 oz can of baked beans tossed in a tablespoon of brown sugar, Blues Hog Rub, Salt, Pepper, and some BBQ Sauce. I put this in a tray and placed below the grate so the bacon goodness will drip into the beans.

Once the Weber was up to temp I put the sausage on. About 45 mins later I flipped them so the other side of the bacon could crisp up. The second side only needed another 30 mins. I then took some Blues Hog Sauce and glazed the sausages. 15 mins later all was done.

Nice smokey taste due to the pecan wood I used. On to the pictures.