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Pork Butt

Started a full chimney of charcoal at 5:30 AM
Put full chimney of charcoal in smoker at 6 AM with vent wide-open over next hour dropped the vent small V smoker settled at 250°
Bought 17 pounds of pork butt from restaurant depot used blues hog dry rub seasoning
Put pork butt on the smoker at 7 AM smoker was that 250° after smoker drop to 200°
9 AM smoker at 230°
3 PM smoker at 235° pork butt at 171°

Below is a cool photo of the fire in the pit since I was up so early it was still dark out.




Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Three racks of baby back ribs 10.23 lbs. $3.19/lb from Costco.
Rubbed with Sweet Money BBQ Rub from
Started smoker with two small chimneys put in smoker at 12:25 PM
At 1 PM smoker temperature is at 200°
At 1:30 temperature of smoker up to 300°
Put ribs on temperature now at 225°
At 2 PM smokers sitting at 235°
At 3:30 PM smoker sitting at 270°
4:10 PM ribs got pulled wrapped and put back on smoker in the foil I put a stream of Parkay more rub some brown sugar and a bit of apple juice.
5:10 PM ribs unwrapped sauced and put back on smoker until 5:40 PM




Chicken Legs

Today I did up some chicken legs I had sitting in the freezer. I rubbed with Sweet Money BBQ Rub from  I fired up a full chimney of KBB. It took it 30 mins to completely ash over. I then tossed it in my Weber kettle inside the vortex with a chance of pecan for smoke. 30 mins later I flipped the legs. At about 45 mins the largest of the legs temp was 170 so now time for the glaze. I had some Stubbs Honey Pecan that I thinned with just a bit of Apple Juice. The side was some mashed cauliflower with cheese.  On to the pics.