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Smoked Breakfast Sausage

I was out of breakfast sausage so 12 pounds go out on the 270.SmokedFattyApril1SmokedFattyApril2

SmokedFattyApril3 SmokedFattyApril4 SmokedFattyApril5

Beef Plate Ribs

Took some time off due to vacation and such. Yesterday I was back at it with Beef Plate Ribs.  I picked up 15.99 lbs at Costco for $3.29/lb. It was national beef choice. Got four 4 bone racks in the cryopack.  The one I smoked was 4 lbs 7 oz. Put on SPOG for the rub. Ran up the smoker to over 270 degrees, my target and it took awhile to drop back down.

I smoked the ribs over a tray of apple juice for about 5 hours. In the mean time I whipped up some smoked buttery corn. Frozen corn, butter, salt, pepper, and some BBQ rub. This I smoked for an hour and a half. The ribs probed tender once I got through the bark. After I cut them it appears that cooked them to long. The closer I got to the bone the better and moister it got.   On to the pictures.


IMG_0979IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0986IMG_0984IMG_0987