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Smoked Wings on my new weber kettle

Tonight I smoked some wings on a weber kettle I found on Craigslist that I had my parents buy me for my birthday. I started with a mini chimney started full of kingsford. Once it was ready I put it in a pile directly in the center. Then put the wings around the outside of the kettle. The kettle was running around 350 by the temp in the dome. Normally it takes an hour to finish the wings on my 270 smoker. Today it only took 45 mins. I pulled them and cut the drumettes from the wings and tossed them in Franks Buffalo Sauce.  The wood I put on to smoke was peach wood.


IMG_0690 IMG_0693

We are Smoking party cook

While I was out of town Barb picked up the following meat.  Costco Pork Butt BNLS. $1.69/lb 14.26 lbs package of 2. and Costco Brisket $2.99/lb 15.70 lbs.

I used Sweet Rub o’ Mine for the pork butt and cracked pepper and kosher salt for the brisket.

I started at 7:50 am getting the smoker up to temp. I was shooting for 275 degrees. By 9:14 I had thin blue smoke and put the pork butt on as it was going to take the longest. Next I trimmed up the brisket and put on a mixture of salt and pepper 50/50. You need to still be able to see the meat through the rub so I did not put it on to heavy. At 10:00 am I got the brisket on the smoker and started prepping the beans. The beans took about 2 hours to cook. They were placed below the the butt so that it would add to the flavor. During this time I prepped two trays of mac n cheese. One was made with gluten free pasta.  The mac n cheese took about 1.5 hours.  After 4 hours I pulled the butt and wrapped in foil. The Brisket was wrapped in butcher paper.  The meat was done at 3:45 so we put it in the cooler to rest and transport to the party.  All the food was a big success. Everyone at the party was blown away.  On to the pics.


rubbed pork butt

Here is the butt nicely rubbed.

butt pre wrap

Here is the butt before I wrapped in foil.

butt final

This is the final product.

juicy butt

Nice and juicy. Great smoke ring.


brisket rub salt pepper

This is the brisket trimmed and nicely rubbed with Salt and Pepper.

brisket pre wrap

The brisket had good color so I wrapped in butcher paper.

final brisket

Final product.


Great smoke ring on the brisket as well.

beans pre smoke

beans final

mac n cheese pre smokefinal mac n cheese

Baby Back Pork Ribs

Today was the best flavor of the week. Got 2 racks of baby backs from IGA. 2.4 lbs and 2.54 lbs @ $3.99 per.  I used my normal Memphis Dust but I forgot to put some salt on. Could not really tell. I did something different and pre rub I put on some Franks Buffalo Hot Sauce. It gave them a bit of twang. Went about 3 hours then pulled them to foil up. Added some more rub and a splash of orange juice. Hour and 15 mins more I removed the foil and put back on with some Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce to glaze for about 30 more mins.

IMG_0641 IMG_0642



IMG_0651 IMG_0652